Overcome  Grief

Hi, my name is Rita K.

"I Will Help You
Throughout This Hard Time
Challenging Journey."

"Are you experiencing grief?
I know that grief can make us feel 
a variety of emotions, like sadness, anger, Guilt,
or even numbness.
How Do you feel right now?"

"Some other ways that a person might feel when dealing with grief include shock, denial, loneliness, confusion, or even physical symptoms like fatigue, nausea, or trouble sleeping.

Everyone's experience with grief is unique, so it's important to listen and be supportive."

"Grief is an incredibly difficult emotion to experience, and it can be tempting to turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with the pain. But in doing so, we risk the possibility of getting caught in a cycle of addiction that only increases our suffering.

There are healthier ways to cope with grief, and it's never too late to seek help and support."

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Here Are Some Steps To Take That Will Help You:

1. Seeking support from friends and family.
2. Practicing self- care activities such as exercise, meditation or yoga.
3. Create a memorial or ritual to remember the person who has passed away.
4.  Engaging in creative activities that can help express and process difficult emotions, such as writing, painting or music.
5.   Allowing oneself to feel the emotions and process them at their own pace.

"From Grief to Growth: Stories of Overcoming Loss"

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  • ​Returning home:
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